Sexy Ladies of Cosplay​                     Calendar

Our inaugural calendar is coming soon.  Featuring some of the hottest up and coming cosplay models in the southern United States. 

Our calendar will list the dates of all of the most exciting and can't miss Conventions throughout the region.
(Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi) 

No more forgotten conventions or missed opportunities to connect with your favorite celebrity!


How do I get one of these awesome calendars, you ask?  

That's easy!  Just follow this link to our Kikstarter page and donate to the cause!  
You can get a Signed Calendar from the model of your choice or even one signed by every model if you cant pick just one!
Don't like kikstarter? 

No Problem!!! Just email us at [email protected] with your information and how many calendars you want and we will ship your order out as soon as the calendars roll off the press in May!
What's that? You dont trust Technology? (how are you even reading this then?)

Thats ok too!  You can catch us at your local convention and get one from us in person... but seriously you probably need to see a psychiatrist about that whole technology phobia thing, I'm just sayin'


We would love to work with everybody, however we do have a few guidelines about what we are looking for:

    1. We really want to work with models who are truly serious about         their  cosplay modeling career.  (this requirement may be                     relaxed in       the future as we add projects geared                                   toward amateurs)

   2.  There will be opportunities to travel to conventions for                          marketing of the calendars as well as opportunities for you to              sell some of your  own prints.  While you will never be                            required to make any of these  trips, these are                                          great opportunites for you to increase your followers & have                some fun while you make money.  

   3.  Professional Photos are required in order to be part of any of              our projects. 
        Photoshoots will be available on our upcoming projects.  

For more information contact us: 
[email protected]

July '18-June '19​​

Convention Promoters
Hey what about me??? I am a Convention Promoter how do I get my event listed in the calendar?

Whoa man, relax! That part is easy too but you do have to hurry!!!

We go to press on the first calendar on April 20th.  So you need to submit your Show Dates
to us before that date if you want to be included in this edition.  If you miss the cutoff you can
still get in for the next edition that will be coming out in January.

*The Dates of the Calendar will be from 07/01/2018 through 06/30/2019.
If you are interested in Advertising in the calendar or sponsoring a Month
Email us ASAP so we can get you locked in before it is too late.
[email protected]